Turok: Escape from Lost Valley screenshot of the adorable 'killer honker' enemy

If you were to ask people to describe the Turok series in a couple of words, chances are most would mention either "dinosaurs", "aliens", "alien dinosaurs" or the extremely brutal "cerebral bore" weapon. However, what I can almost guarantee nobody would ever do, is to call Turok "cute".

Yet, for whatever reason, the newly revealed Turok: Escape from Lost Valley is exactly that! It's a colorful and cartoony action-adventure that will have you face off against goofy versions of some of Turok's most iconic enemies. If that sounds a bit difficult to believe, here's the recently posted teaser trailer:

While its connection to the Turok series seems tenuous at best, getting angry about Escape from Lost Valley seems a bit pointless to me. It might not appeal to your average Turok fan, but from what I can tell it does appear to be a competently made and rather self-aware action-adventure, so chances are it'll find itself an audience with the younger crowd.

As for the release date, Turok: Escape from Lost Valley will be landing onto PC this July 25th. You can learn a little bit more about it, as well as check out some of the cutesy screenshots, over at Steam.