Totally Accurate Battle Simulator official artwork for the new Western faction

[Update]: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has just launched from Early Access with multiplayer and new factions!

While it has been in Early Access for quite a while now, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is making good use of its beta status by constantly releasing a stream of solid content updates. This latest one is no different as it not only adds the gun-totting Western faction, but also new victory conditions and secrets to play around with.

When it comes to the new units, they are once again a rather diverse bunch, featuring everything from cactus cosplayers to pickaxe-wielding miners with open butt-flaps. Besides looking appropriately silly, the new units are a genuinely good addition as they offer some much needed anti-horde options, with the cactus boys being the definite standout given how long they can last in a full-blown brawl.

As for what exactly the Western faction looks like in-game, that you'll find out through one of the more recent trailers. Have a gander, it's a fun one:

The good news doesn't end there, however, as TABS developers have also announced that the Western faction will not be the final one arriving during Early Access! While there are no details available just yet, you can expect to see another major update at some point during the third quarter of this year.

Once that happens I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can read a little bit more about TABS over at Steam. Have fun!