Tooth and Tail screenshot of a multiplayer battle

Tooth and Tail is a colorful real-time strategy game from the developers behind Monaco, though it does have a couple of twists that set it far apart from the rest of the genre. First of all, the four available factions are all sentient animals caught in an endless civil war over who gets to eat, and who gets to be eaten! So instead of the usual RTS units you'll be marching forth with an army of flamethrower-wielding boars, mustard gas-lobbing skunks, and other such 'cute' combinations.

The second big difference is that Tooth and Tail eschews the usual RTS complexity in favor of gameplay that is easy to pick up and enjoy. There is still a lot of strategy and planning in each of the matches, but you won't be spending a lot of time micromanaging your units or messing around with your base in the middle of combat. An interesting idea to be sure, and if the Steam reviews are to be believed its one that was executed quite nicely, though at the expense of a somewhat weak campaign AI.

So if you don't mind a relatively mediocre campaign, and you're looking forward to clobbering your fellow players with gangs of chameleons, then you'll be glad to hear that Tooth and Tail has now released on PC and PlayStation 4. To find out more you should head over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's the cinematic trailer to give you a brief idea of what all of this madness might look like in-game. Enjoy!