Grim Dawn is coming out of Early Access on February 25th

Before Diablo 3 or Path of Exile were ideas to get excited about there was Grim Dawn, a spiritual successor to one of the best ARPGs out there, Titan Quest. However, since Grim Dawn's team was small and worked on it during their free time the development process was extremely slow and it wasn't until they put out a Kickstarter campaign that things started picking up. 

Once the campaign was successful Grim Dawn's development sped up significantly and it appeared on Early Access soon after. Now, many years and updates later Grim Dawn is finally ready to leave Early Access and release in full. Here's the recent story trailer and a bit more information:


If you've ever played Titan Quest you know how the gameplay in Grim Dawn works. You have six distinct base classes, each with their own skills and modifiers which you can focus on exclusively or mix with other classes to make some rather unique characters. With your character set you will go in to a giant world filled with enemies just waiting to be looted for their precious shinies.

The one area where Grim Dawn stands far apart from other ARPGs is the quest and storytelling system that has you chose sides, make difficult choices that can result in entire villages being wiped out due to your greed and so forth. Throughout the campaign you will meet many different factions you can either attempt to ally with or ignore in which case they won't be too happy with you and will send assassins (filled with loot!) to hunt you down.

Grim Dawn Zombies

I hear zombies are pretty cool these days

Another interesting part of Grim Dawn is the roguelike dungeon system. After you craft an expensive key you will be able to open randomly generated dungeons that do not allow you to leave until you have either completed them or died trying. Naturally, the further in you go and the harder the difficulty the more cartloads of loot you will be leaving them with.

There is a lot more to Grim Dawn so if you're interested in an ARPG that sprung out as a passion project then I'd recommend you check it out on Steam. It will be officially releasing from Early Access on February 25th.