Quantum League official artwork starring three variants of the same character

[Update]: Quantum League has now been released, and so far it's looking quite good.

If you're looking for a bit of an unusual competitive experience, you might want to check out Quantum League and it's newly launched Open Beta. To put it simply, Quantum League has you play multiple rounds against your opponent while stuck in a time loop, with each new round representing a diverging timeline. So once you're past the initial round, you'll be able to team up with your past self in order to counter what got you killed in the first place, as well as hopefully prevent your opponent from creating an even bigger advantage.

All of this sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, so allow me to share with you the recently posted cinematic trailer. It should get the point across quite nicely. Have a gander:

From what I can tell, the user reviews so far seem to be fairly positive about the concept, though there appear to be some noticeable issues with the balance. Then again, that's exactly what the Open Beta is here for, so hopefully the developers will be able to sort things out sooner rather than later.

You can learn more about Quantum League, as well as join the free Open Beta yourself, over at Steam. Have fun!