Thumper is an indie action-rhythm game

Thumper is an action-rhythm game that's all about ludicrous speeds and violent collisions, but if that wasn't already a child's biggest wish it also stars a sleek, metallic space insect.

It was announced way back, in the ancient times of 2013, and after going through numerous delays the release date for this galactic beetle has finally been pinned down for 2016. Here's the strangely stressful, but exciting trailer and a bit more information:


Thumper is a classic rhythm-action game that combines breakneck speed, brutal physical collisions, simple but stylish visuals, and a soundtrack that's designed to keep you on edge throughout the level. Despite sharing similar themes with Audiosurf, Thumper doesn't allow you to import your own music, but instead focuses on an original soundtrack by Brian Gibson (from the Lightning Bolt band) with levels and tracks crafted specifically to provide you with a constantly increasing challenge, and naturally, increasingly ridiculous speeds.

You will initially start with a basic move set that involves thumping, sliding and turning, but as you continue along your blazing journey through space you will encounter new moves which you will need to master in order to beat various boss encounters, such as the insane giant head from the future that's aptly titled "CRAKHED".

Boss battle in Thumper

Your guess is as good as mine

Thumper, and its impressive array of indie gaming rewards, will be releasing for the PC, PS4 and PSVR sometime in 2016. If rhythm games are your jam, its probably well worth keeping tabs on Thumper. You can find "more" information over at the Thumper website.