Dicey Dungeons official artwork and logo for the turn-based roguelike

As the name might suggest, Dicey Dungeons is a turn-based roguelike where you get to smash through scores of adorable critters by rolling a whole bunch of dice, all the while playing as a giant walking dice yourself. It's a ridiculous concept, but the gameplay itself is remarkably fun, and things have just gotten even better!

In an update that came pretty much out of nowhere, Dicey Dungeons' free DLC "Reunion" has now added a sizable chunk of new content to explore. Each character has their own extra episode to go through, there's a variety of new equipment to mess around with, and as is tradition, the gameplay formula has been shaken up yet again to help keep things fresh and interesting.

I've only done the Thief's episode so far, but as is the case with all of the previous events and updates, it was a fun little romp. After all, being able to permanently steal an opponent's equipment is never not going to be entertaining, even if it does demolish the difficulty curve by letting you become obscenely overpowered. Then again, that's also half the fun in a roguelike!

So if you're a fan of these types of strategy-focused roguelikes and you've never given Dicey Dungeons a try, this would be a pretty good opportunity to do so. Just don't expect the whole experience to a last a very long time as many of the challenges are a one-and-done sort of affair.

You can learn more about Dicey Dungeons, as well as read a tiny bit more about the Reunion update, over at Steam. Enjoy!