The Wandering Village screenshot of the dinosaur from afar

[Update]: The Wandering Village has now stomped its way into Early Access, and so far it's been enjoying mostly positive reviews from the players.

In a bit of an interesting twist on the whole city-building genre, The Wandering Village will you have create a thriving civilization on the back of an absolutely gigantic, dinosaur-like beast! From there your choices will be to either live in harmony with the beast and work together towards the betterment of all, or focus primarily on your own villagers and let the beast fend for itself.

Whatever your choice may be you'll have to grow and gather an assortment of resources in order to keep your humble village running, send out expeditions into the remnants of the ruined world in search of useful technology, as well as handle unique threats that come with each biome the gentle giant decides to wonder through. What this looks like in actual gameplay, however, that you can check out through the reveal trailer below:

While no release date has been announced just yet, The Wandering Village will be launching into Steam Early Access in Summer 2022. The current plan is for it to spend at least one year in Early Access, during which updates will add things like new biomes, buildings, events and naturally, more of the story.

You won't have to wait until Summer to give The Wandering Village a try, however, as there is also a free demo available! You can check it out, as well as keep an eye on The Wandering Village's path towards Early Access, over at Steam. Have fun!

The Wandering Village very foggy screenshot of the dinosaur-like beast

The Wandering Village close up screenshot of the city itself

The Wandering Village close up screenshot of the gigantic dinosaur beast