Northgard game official artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Northgard has just received its biggest and most important update yet - the Map Editor!

[Update]: Northgard has now added a new and extremely aggressive faction - Himminbrjotir, Clan of the Ox.

Northgard is a viking themed strategy game from the makers of Evoland, and as you might imagine from that description alone, it's all about creating a thriving settlement in an extremely hostile environment. If that sounds like something you might enjoy, then you might also be interested to hear that Northgard has now added a bunch of new content as a part of the Relics update.

Each clan can now construct one out of a variety of relics in order to gain some passive or active effects, though doing so will be fairly expensive as some of the relic abilities are quite powerful, especially the ones that can send monstrous creatures after your opponents. The way tools work has also been made more strategic, there is now a brand new multiplayer season to mess around with, and naturally, some balance changes to bring all of the clans closer together in terms of power.

You can read more about each of the individual relics, as well as check out the full patch notes, over at Steam.

On the other hand, if you're just curious about Northgard and what exactly it has to offer, you will find the answers you seek over at the official website. And just for good measure, allow me to leave with one of the original trailers. It should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Enjoy!