The Swords of Ditto screenshot of a very smug octopus

The Swords of Ditto is an upcoming "compact action-RPG" that will have you explore a fairly large and hand-drawn overworld, delve through a variety of dungeons in either singleplayer or co-op, and naturally, collect a whole bunch of loot along the way. What might be the most interesting part of The Swords of Ditto, however, is that every time you die you will come back as an entirely different hero. Its not a massive twist on the classic roguelike formula, but if each characters starts with enough unique weaknesses and strengths I could easily see it working out quite well.

If you're wondering what exactly The Swords of Ditto might look like in terms of actual gameplay, wonder no more as Devolver Digital has recently posted an extended gameplay video covering just that. Have a look:

There isn't much to comment on given that we don't know all of the details just yet, but judging from this video alone The Swords of Ditto seems to be pretty damn solid. The world is nicely designed and lovely to look at, the enemies are all seemingly strong but predictable which is always a good thing, and the characters you get to interact with are just bizarre enough to keep things interesting.

The Swords of Ditto will be coming in early 2018 for PC and PS4. To learn more, or just check out some of the other gameplay videos, you should head over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's a couple of strange yet cheerful images:

The Swords of Ditto screenshot of a giant cat

The Swords of Ditto screenshot of two players solving puzzles

The Swords of Ditto screenshot of two players breaking barrels