Deadbolt is a difficulty strategy-action hybrid with some stealth elements

Deadbolt is an extremely challenging stealth-action hybrid that comes to us from the developers of the amazing Risk of Rain, and much like RoR it features satisfying action, pixely graphics and a whole lot of enemies to overcome.

After being announced only two months ago Deadbolt is now available on Steam, and the reception has been rather positive so far. Here's the trailer and a bit more info:


Deadbolt puts you in command of the Grim Reaper himself and tasks you with quelling an undead uprising at the behest of a talking fireplace. While that does sound pants-on-head insane the actual gameplay is an interesting hybrid between pure stealth and rampaging action. The enemies die in only a single shot, but so do you, so much like Hotline Miami you will need to plan your routes and execute your attacks with surgical precision, or find yourself on the wrong side of a bladed instrument.

The most exciting feature about Deadbolt to me is the presence of a level editor which allows you to create your own devious maps or download a few rage-inducing ones from the Steam Workshop. It might not sound like much, but when it comes to longevity, a level editor is a godsend.

Deadbolt Level editor

A look behind the veil - this is how levels are made in Deadbolt

There's one more feature I wanted to highlight, and that is the presence of a new game + mode which greatly increases the difficulty of all the standard maps. Since Deadbolt is a strategy orientated game with the need for carefully organized plans and well executed action sequences, the unlockable difficulty mode should provide a familiar, yet unique experience for your second playthrough.

Deadbolt is available on Steam for $10/€10, and if you're a fan of difficult action games it might be for you.

Deadbolt in-game screenshot of a level

A job well done