The Ship: Remasted is coming to Early Access this February 15th

The Ship: Remasted is an enhanced version of the popular murder-simulator The Ship: Murder Party where through cunning, stealth and a good dose of absurdity you need to make sure your target is no more while avoiding the same fate yourself. In essence it is a more complex, and a lot funnier, version of Assassin's Creed multiplayer.

After a good bit of internal testing The Ship: Remasted is ready to dock in to Early Access tomorrow, February 15th, though keep in mind its still quite unfinished. Here's the teaser trailer and information on what the developers plan to do in the coming months:

As you can see in the full state of the game announcement The Ship: Remasted is currently in a true alpha state with many features either missing, unfinished, unpolished or other words that start with "un". Most importantly however is that this early stage of the project is going to be LAN only with dedicated servers coming in the next few weeks barring any delays. If you were planning to grab it in order to get in on the multiplayer action I'd recommend waiting a month or so, just to be on the safe side.

Along with the state of the game announcement the developers also released a Roadmap that details what features are currently in the game, which ones you can expect in the near future and which ones are on hold. The first Early Access build of The Ship: Remasted will contain LAN support, four maps, all melee & ranged weapons and a bunch of other features, so while it might not be complete it should be fully playable.

Finally, as a small bit of compensation for those willing to test this early of a build the developers are offering a 25% loyalty discount to those that have The Ship: Murder Party in their Steam accounts.

I might not be the biggest fan of having to pay in order to test games but I have to hand it to the developers here, they have clear, concise and realistic goals along with a good plan on what sort of features they need to prioritize so hopefully The Ship: Remasted will be in and out of Early Access before the whole crew is dead.