The Flame In The Flood is an indie rogue-lite survival game based around river travel

The Flame in the Flood is an indie rogue-lite survival game that pits you against the flooded landscape of post-societal America. With food, medicine and worthwhile building materials in short supply you will need to constantly move downstream while evading predators, natural disasters and insanity as you attempt to survive in a world that isn't very interested in helping.

After going through a successful Kickstarter and Early Access campaign The Flame in the Flood is just about ready for its February 24th launch on the PC, Mac and Xbox One. Here's the trailer that accompanied the announcement and a bit more information:


The gameplay of The Flame in the Flood is centered heavily around choices because every extra supply run you go for will ensure your continued survival at the cost of precious time. Time might not sound relevant in a survival situation until you realize that the whole point of your exodus downstream is to escape a massive torrential downpour that threatens to flood what little land remains.

What this means is that you will have to juggle constant movement, frequent repairs and your general survival all the while you're under threat from an enemy you simply cannot fight. The wolves and the bears you can outmaneuver or pit against each other but there is no such option for the weather.

The Flame in the Flood gives you a friendly canine companion to travel with

I'd hate to see the spiders that made those cobwebs

Your one glimmer of hope in this forsaken land is your canine companion who as you might have noticed from the trailer isn't the best when it comes to combat. His old age may have dulled his reflexes but his senses are still as keen as ever and he will be the greatest asset to you when it comes to navigating treacherous terrain and hopefully avoiding danger before you've even been spotted.

Combine all of this with a very stylish art design, some great music and a procedurally generated world and you will have a recipe for a rather interesting game, one that's well worth keeping an eye out for.