STRAFE has a new exciting trailer

STRAFE is a very eccentric procedurally generated first person shooter that models its gameplay, graphics and atmosphere after the classic FPS games of 1996: Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Strife and obviously the awe-inspiring Chex Quest.

It first appeared in the public's eye back in 2015 when the developers Pixel Titans launched a (successful) Kickstarter campaign along with with possibly one of the best video game trailers. And now, after a short absence the developers have unleashed another amazing trailer upon the world, not quite on the level of the previous one but still special in its own way:


If you're interested in what STRAFE actually looks like when played the developers have announced that they will be holding an hour long livestream today at 7pm PST where they will be demonstrating gameplay, answering viewer questions and giving away five STRAFE themed keyboards.

Unfortunately, according to the invitation they released the much awaited developer wet t-shirt contest has been canceled due to time restrictions. Oh well, guess we'll just have to settle for the gameplay then.