Risk of Rain 2 official artwork and logo

[Update]: Risk of Rain 2's very first content update is coming on June 25th!

Risk of Rain 2, much like its precedessor, is a multiplayer-focused roguelike that will have you face off against increasingly more difficult monsters with a variety of passive boosts, abilities and items. However, unlike the original, Risk of Rain 2 is entirely in 3D, which makes navigating the large levels and dodging the hordes of enemies a significantly more interesting and tricky process.

If you're wondering how all of this translates into actual gameplay, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, it'll give you a good idea of what Risk of Rain 2 is really all about:

I've only played Risk of Rain 2 for about 20 minutes so I won't pretend I'm an expert, but what I can say is that the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam fell well deserved. The combat is fast paced and engaging, the items and turrets you can unlock were fun to mess around with, while the never-ending onslaught of enemies and bosses offered a surprising amount of challenge, while never really feeling unfair to deal with.  

While I do have a fair bit of praise for Risk of Rain 2, it is also important to mention that it is currently in Steam Early Access, and as such unfinished and unpolished. I didn't encounter any major issues myself, but given that the developers are planning to keep Risk of Rain 2 in Early Access for around 12 months, I think it's safe to say that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. So unless you're eager to give it a try as soon as possible, I would recommend waiting for a couple of months to see how things pan out. After all, why burn yourself out while Risk of Rain 2 is still unfinished?

Whatever your opinion may be, you can learn more about Risk of Rain 2, as well as grab yourself a copy, by heading over to Steam. Enjoy!