Guacamelee official artwork without the logo

Guacamelee is a Mexican-themed action-platformer with quite a few Metroidvania elements thrown in for good measure. As you might imagine from that description alone, you'll spend a good chunk of your time beating up hordes of enemies, acquiring new moves, and then using said moves to further explore the map and beat up even more enemies. A simple formula, but a rather satisfying one!

If that sounds like it's right up your alley, you might be glad to hear that Guacamelee is currently entirely free on the Humble Store. The only catch is that the giveaway will end in around 14 hours, so do make sure to grab yourself a copy as soon as possible.

As for whether Guacamelee is worth the trouble or not, I'd say the answer is a definite yes. It has just the right mixture of goofiness and action, which combined with its somewhat short length makes for a pretty compelling experience. So if you're into brawlers or Metroidvania games in general, I'd say Guacamelee is well worth checking out, especially while it's free!

And just for good measure, allow me to leave you with one of the trailers. Enjoy!