Dead Cells official artwork and logo

[Update]: Dead Cells is getting its first paid DLC soon - The Bad Seed.

After spending a fair bit of time in Early Access, the Metroidvania action-platformer Dead Cells has now hacked and slashed its way onto PC and consoles. As you might imagine from that description alone, Dead Cells is a combat-focused game with perma-death that will have you slowly but surely build up the skills needed to vanquish everything that stands before you. Naturally, there will be plenty of humiliating deaths along the way, but that's all part of the learning process with games like these!

While the recently posted animated trailer won't exactly show you much in terms of gameplay, it will give you a pretty darn good idea of just what Dead Cells is all about. So if you're even remotely curious, I would highly recommend you check the video below out as it is as informative as it is hilarious. Have a gander:

The reviews so far have all been extremely positive, so if you're a fan of Metroidvania and rogue-lite games it really does seem like Dead Cells is worth checking out. The only thing you might want to be weary of is the difficulty curve, because no matter how experienced you are with the genre, chances are you're going to get smashed straight into the ground during your first few runs. In other words, don't get demoralized after a couple of defeats, because much like the character in the cinematic, you will eventually rise above!

You can learn more about Dead Cells, as well as grab yourself a copy, by visiting Steam.