Screenshot of a small village in Kingdom: Classic

If you're looking for something short and interesting to occupy your time, I'm pleased to say that I bring good news. The indie management/strategy game Kingdom: Classic is currently entirely free to grab over at the Humble Store, and it will remain like that for another six days.

As for the actual gameplay, Kingdom: Classic is all about establishing and keeping your little kingdom safe. You'll need to hire a bunch of soldiers and workers, construct layered defenses and invest your hard-earned gold into infrastructure, and then once night comes, hunker down and survive the relentless hordes that will crash against your walls.

It's a fairly simple concept, and one you've likely seen before, but that doesn't make Kingdom: Classic any less enjoyable. So if you're in the mood for a little bit of colony management, I'd heartily recommend it, especially considering that it's free to grab!

Finally, I'll leave you with the gameplay trailer. If you have any doubts about just what Kingdom: Classic is all about, the trailer should sort you out real quick. Enjoy!