Pathologic 2 screenshot of theater actors in crow costumes

After quite a few years in development, the highly atmospheric and fairly abstract adventure game Pathologic 2 has now made its way to PC and consoles. Much like its predecessor, it brings with it a variety of unique and utterly bizarre characters, a dreary and oppressive atmosphere, as well as a story that doesn't exactly follow the usual structure. The Pathologic games really are strange, but that's also what makes them so appealing!

If you're wondering how all of this translates into actual gameplay, as well as what Pathologic 2's atmosphere truly looks like, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. Have a peek, it's certainly an interesting one:

While Pathologic 2 is well worth a playthrough in order to experience the storytelling, it is important to mention that it still suffers from some of the biggest problems that plagued the original. Most notably, the combat is still clunky, and you will spend far, far too much time simply traveling between locations. So before you even consider opening your wallet, do make sure to do a bit of research as Pathologic 2 is definitely not going to appeal to everyone.

You can learn a little bit more about it, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy, by hopping over to Steam. Enjoy!