A rather clever N++ logo screenshot

The N series, to put it simply, is all about guiding your incredibly fast and acrobatic stick figure through numerous mazes and puzzles designed by the devil himself. It all starts off nice and easy, a couple of death traps here, a couple of turrets there, but 200 levels later you're going to be dodging 15 rocket turrets while bouncing your way across a particularly distorted piece of modern art.

All of that might sound like a complaint, but in reality its actually high praise given that I've spent well over 100 hours with N+ back when I was going through college and I still don't regret a single minute. With that in mind, I hope you can now understand why the imminent arrival of N++, the new and improved version, is such an exciting thing for me! And if you can't, here's a recent developer video showcasing the level editor and some of the gameplay:


If you're interested in learning more you can head over to the official website, but I just want to point out that N++ apparently comes with "2,360 hand-made levels". While I'm not sure if they're all on the same level of quality as the stuff I played back in the day, the good news is that there is so many of the damn things there's bound to be a whole heap of timeless classics in the pile as well. That along with the level editor and Steam Workshop support should ensure that N++ stay rich in content for as long as you remain interested, which isn't something many games can boast about.

Whether N++ is better than its predecessors or not, I honestly can't tell you, but with the release date set for August 25th on Steam we won't need to wait for very long in order to find out. As for the Mac and Linux versions, they will be coming at a later time, though the exact date is currently unknown.

N++ screenshot showcasing rockets and mines

N++ level selection