Audiosurf screenshot of a tunnel full of pellets to collect

Audiosurf released all the way back in 2008, and to my knowledge, was one of the first highly popular rhythm-racing games. It was a fairly simple concept, just racing along tracks created from your own music, but sometimes simplicity is all you really need to have a thoroughly engaging experience.

However, the reason I'm bringing up Audisurf in 2020 isn't to simply reminisce about how fun it is, but rather because it has suddenly received a brand new update! First and foremost, widescreen scaling has been greatly improved across the board. This will be the most noticeable on ultrawide monitors, though even 16:9 screens will see some minor positive changes. And if you're in the mood for something completely different, you can now also play in 'narrowscreen' as well.

When it comes to the gameplay changes, they're all about the corkscrew twists. Previously the corkscrew twists were completely random and could occur at any point in the song, but now they will highlight a big moment in the song and hopefully make things a bit more exciting. Outside of those moments, however, the corkscrews will still have the same 25% chance of appearing per ride.

That's pretty much it as far as this update is concerned. It's not exactly a lot of changes, but since Audiosurf didn't really need much fixing anyway, I'd say it's all a nice little bonus.

Have fun, and if you haven't already, consider giving Audiosurf a try once it goes on one of its frequent sales.