Nightmare Creatures 2017 official logo and artwork

The original Nightmare Creatures is a survival horror game released back in the ancient times of 1998 for PC, PlayStation and Nintendo 64. While I would to say its a timeless classic, I remember it being fairly mediocre even at the time. The combat was very satisfying, and the various creatures you got to beat down were quite interesting to behold, but there was a certain clunkiness to the whole thing that I simply couldn't get past.

With that in mind, I hope you now realize just how unexpected it is to hear that Nightmare Creatures is getting a modern remake, though maybe "modern" might be stretching it a bit too far. Rather than explain, allow me to share with you the recently posted teaser trailer. You'll quickly realize what I mean. Have a look:

Besides the voice acting being atrocious, and the visuals quite clearly being unfinished, there really isn't much else to deduce from the trailer. Unfortunately, the same applies for the official website as well. The only thing I've managed to find is this brief yet fairly inconsequential description: 

"In 1666, a cult made up of the world’s most influential players created an elixir that would grant them vast unholy powers – but something went terribly wrong, and their experiments yielded only bloodthirsty, mutant horrors. As the cult is decimated from the inside by betrayal and the creatures escape into London, a traveling priest and the daughter of a murdered immunlogist fight their way to the center of the city and defeat the evil once and for all… or so they believe. 

NIGHTMARE CREATURES returns after almost 20 years – backed up by horror superfans at Albino Moose games. Race around the world to stop the hellish machinations of Crowley, before he uncovers the secrets of the elixir and drowns the world… in Nightmare Creatures! "

Once Nightmare Creatures gets further along I'll make sure to give it a proper look, but until then I'm afraid we're stuck waiting and hoping it fixes the original's problems.