Into The Breach gameplay screenshot

[Update]: Four years after launch, indie strategy game Into the Breach has just added a ton of free new content.

If you're a fan of strategy games and you've somehow managed to avoid Into The Breach, consider this your chance to remedy that as it's currently entirely free to grab. Simply head on over to the Epic Games Store, log into your account or create a new one, and you'll be blowing up aliens in no time.

Speaking of which, there is a bit of a time limit you might want to keep in mind. This giveaway will only be around until September 10th, so do make sure to add Into The Breach to your account before it gets replaced with the next batch of games.

For those of you wondering if Into The Breach is even worth the time and effort, my answer would be, unsurprisingly, yes. As a strategy game from the team behind FTL, Into The Breach is incredibly simple to learn yet quite tricky to master, thus making it the perfect game if you're looking for some bite-sized tactics action. So if you're even remotely curious about it, I'd definitely give it a look while it's still free to grab.

Have fun, and just to help clue you in on what Into The Breach has to offer, I'll leave you with one of the trailers: