The Descendant is a Telltale and Fallout inspired narrative game

The Descendant is a narrative driven adventure game, in the vein of Telltale's various series, that let's you experience the world after an eco-apocalypse has ravaged the landscape and forced the remnants of humanity to seek shelter in underground Ark facilities.

Here's a video showcasing the first 10 minutes of The Descendant which are mostly focused on exposition and character building, with a bit of gameplay near the end (around 7 minutes):


The story in The Descendant is split in to two parts, one set in the past where you play as Mia, a simple janitor tasked with cleaning the Ark-01 facility where countless people lie in cryostasis, and the other set in the future where you play as Donnie, an investigator sent to rescue, or at least find out what happened with the descendants trapped within Ark-01. Much like Telltale's work, expect to see your decisions influence how others treat you, how events unfold, and ultimately, the fates of those you come across.

If you're at this point thinking that The Descendant seems to be very similar to Fallout, you wouldn't be wrong as the story premise is almost entirely the same, a bunch of people stuck in dubious underground vaults following a global cataclysm. I don't consider that a negative, however, as there are plenty of unique story threads you can spin from such a broad, and rather interesting, setting.

The Descendant is inspired by Telltale's adventure games

The art style seems to be taking pointers from Telltale's work

After watching the video above you've probably noticed that the graphics are occasionally muddy, and that the voice acting is sometimes a bit corny, but those issues pale in comparison to the walking speed of the main character which is so slow its capable of driving a zen-master to a mouth-frothing rage. I hope this is something the developers address before The Descendant officially launches because while occasionally sketchy quality can be excused for an indie game, especially a narrative driven one, being boring can not.

Speaking of which, The Descendant is going to be releasing over the course of 2016 in five episodes, the first of which is launching on March 24th. If you would like to give it a try, you can buy the entire package from Steam, or preferably from the developers themselves, though I'd recommend waiting for some reviews to pop up as I can see The Descendant going both ways when it comes to quality.

The Descendant what remains of the surface

What remains of the surface