Sine Mora EX official artwork and logo

Sine Mora EX is a colorful side-scrolling shoot'em up that provides a bit of a unique challenge. Instead of just having to deal with an entire hailstorm of bullets flying your way, you will also have to master a variety of time manipulating devices in order to survive what would otherwise be certain death. I sure hope you can stay calm under pressure!

As you might deduce from the name, Sine Mora EX is a new and improved version of Sine Mora that launched back in 2012. The expanded version brings with it support for the 16:9 aspect ratio, fully English voiceovers with the ability to swap to the original Hungarian ones at will, local co-op for up to two players in the story mode, three new versus modes, new challenge levels, and naturally, improved visuals.

Explaining bullet-hell shoot'em ups through words alone is a bit of a pointless venture, so allow me to share with you the most recent gameplay trailer. Its not very long, but it does a good job of showcasing what Sine Mora EX is all about. Have a look:

If all of this has piqued your interest and you would like to give it a try, you can expect to see Sine Mora EX on August 8th for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and even the Nintendo Switch a short while later. To learn more I would recommend heading over to either the official website or Steam. And finally, here's a couple of colorful images:

Sine Mora EX screenshot of a story cutscene

Sine Mora EX screenshot of a hailstorm of bullets

Sine Mora EX screenshot of a shipyard