Machinarium screenshot of the newly reworked version

Machinarium is one of Amanita Design's best point & click adventures, and that is saying a lot given that it has the likes of Samorost 3 as competition. However, as charming the world and its inhabitants are, Machinarium has always been a bit troublesome on the technical side of things given that it was built entirely on Flash.

In most scenarios this would remain as a small little blemish on an otherwise great game, but Amanita Design has decided to take things to the extreme and completely rework Machinarium from the ground up! It now runs on a new custom-built engine, has full-screen support for even the highest resolutions, support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gampads (as well as experimental support for the rest), cloud saves, as well as the usual slue of Steam-related features.

What might come as the biggest surprise is that this update is entirely free for current owners! But if you've somehow managed to avoid grabbing Machinarium through the variety of Humble Bundles it appeared in, worry not as its currently on an extremely high discount on Steam. So if you're up for a charming and compelling point & click adventure I would definitely suggest you give it a whirl, especially now that all of its kinks have been ironed out! And finally, allow me to send you off with the official trailer. Enjoy!