Memoranda screenshot showcasing a bustling bar

Memoranda is a hand-drawn point & click adventure game inspired by Haruki Muramaki's short stories. Since this was my first time hearing about him I decided to do a bit of research into his work, and apparently most of his stories have a surreal atmosphere about them - words I would use to describe Memoranda as well given that its a story of a young lady who slowly realizes that she is forgetting her own name!

Since this is something that is incredibly hard to explain through words alone, allow me to instead show you the bizarrely charming trailer. And if you're worried about story and puzzle spoilers, I've checked it over twice and I haven't seen anything that would ruin the game for you, so feel free to have a look:

After watching the trailer you're probably well aware that Memoranda has a rather... unique cast of characters. But don't be fooled by their appearance as things aren't always exactly as they seem. A man might appear as a giant elephant in one scene and a giant frog in the other, but the one thing that links these seemingly random elements together is the simple fact that they are all losing something. Whether that something relates to their sanity or just a roll of toilet paper, I have no idea, but its certainly a compelling mystery.

If this sounds like a game you might be interested in, you'll be glad to hear that Memoranda is coming in only a couple of weeks, on January 24th to be exact. You can find out more, or just check out a couple of screenshots, by heading over to Steam.

Memoranda screenshot showcasing a field at dusk

Memoranda screenshot of a lighthouse

Memoranda screenshot of an alley and a sleeping dog