Terraria Journey's End official artwork and logo

[Update]: The day has finally come - Terraria's biggest and most ambitious expansion is going live today!

For such a cheap game with absolutely no microtransactions, it's genuinely impressive to see just how many massive updates Terraria has received over the years. Alas, all good things most come to an end, and so Terraria's crowning update Journey's End will be launching onto PC this May 16th.

However, Terraria will not be going out with a whimper, as the Journey's End expansion is absolutely massive in scope! It'll bring with it 800 new items to find or craft, a ton of new enemies and bosses to overcome, an overhauled world generation system, an all-new difficulty mode, new and enhanced weather effects, and the list goes on for a very long time. More importantly, Journey's End will also add the most impactful and gameplay-relevant feature of them all - the ability to play golf!

You can get a little sneak peek at just what all of this nonsense might look like in-game through the original announcement trailer. Just, you know, ignore the whole "coming 2019" thing. Have a gander:

For those of you interested in all of the details, and unafraid of any potential spoilers, you'll find everything you need to know about Journey's End over at the official website.