Tales of the Neon Sea screnshot of the in-game city

Unlike most cyberpunk games which focus on the more action-orientated parts of the setting, Tales of the Neon Sea is almost entirely about the story and puzzle-solving. Without spoiling too much, you'll be expected to solve a murder mystery which will take you all across the city and straight into the grips of a massive conspiracy. Oh, and just for good measure, you'll also sometimes get to play as an adorable little cat!

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, though unfortunately not the parts with the cat, allow me to share with you one of the recent gameplay previews. It's a fairly lengthy video, so you should get a good idea of what Tales of the Neon Sea has to offer:

The one big downside to Tales of the Neon Sea is that the story is currently unfinished. According to the developers, the current release contains about 12-15 hours of gameplay and features the three first three chapters of the story, while the following ones will be coming for free at some point in Autumn. So if you're mostly interested in getting the complete picture, you might want to wait until Tales of the Neon Sea has been fully released before picking it up.

Either way, you can learn more about Tales of the Neon Sea, as well as follow its development moving forward, over at Steam.