Sundered screenshot showcasing a giant, well-lit chamber.

If you have a passion for games with a unique and interesting blend of art style and music, you might want to keep an eye on the upcoming Sundered. In the most basic terms Sundered is a hand-drawn Metroidvania that will have you wonder a ruined world teeming with eldritch horrors in an effort to defeat monstrous bosses, all the while losing everything that makes you human.

Since a lot of the appeal lies on the aforementioned blend of art and music, allow me to first show you the recently posted trailer. It might not feature much in terms of gameplay, but it will definitely give you an idea of what Sundered is all about. Have a look:

Aesthetics aside, the most intriguing thing about Sundered is that its one of the rare few games to attempt a procedurally generated Metroidvania. The way this works is that each time you die the rooms in a dungeon will re-shuffle themselves, even though the actual dungeon itself will remain the exact same structure. Furthermore, the type and amount of monsters you can encounter will depend on a number of factors (such as time, stress level, or region), which should go a long way in terms of replayability. On paper this sounds pretty damn amazing, but I must admit I'm slightly worried how this sort of procedural generation will manage to maintain both an interesting level layout, but also difficulty curve. Its hard enough with an entire team of people, so to entrust all of this onto procedural generation is quite ambitious, but I do hope it actually ends up paying off because its certainly an interesting concept.

If you would like a more detailed look into Sundered and what exactly the developers have planned for it, head over to the PlayStation Blog. As for the release date, Sundered is set to arrive at some point in 2017, though no exact date has been given just yet. And finally, here's a couple of the more interesting images:

Sundered screenshot featuring a boss fight and lasers

Sundered's protagonist being chased by a bunch of eldritch horrors

Sundered's protagonist enveloped by eldritch tentacles