Artwork and logo for the indie action-adventure game Stray starring a loveable cat

In a bit of a divergence from the usually over-the-top cyberpunk formula, Stray is a freshly released action-adventure following a cat making a mess out of things in a seemingly long-lost metropolis. As you might imagine the gameplay is all about jumping around to explore the neon-lit world, doing a light bit of puzzle-solving, making friends with the surprisingly human-like robots, and naturally, knocking fragile objects off tall surfaces!

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It should clue you in quite quickly on just what Stray is all about. Have a peek:

While Stray is definitely a fun and adorable experience, it's well worth mentioning that it's both short and limited in replay value. This is by no means a complaint as I prefer a well polished and focused experience over a meandering one, but if money's tight and you can only really grab one game in the foreseeable future, you might want to come back to Stray at a later date.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about Stray, as well as check out some more cute cat photos, over at Steam. Enjoy!

Stray game screenshot of the cat sitting at a bar with a bunch of robots