Cooking and restaurant management sim Cook Serve Forever screenshot of funny dialogue

[Update]: Cook Serve Forever has now launched into Early Access, though unfortunately alongside some fairly mixed reviews. 

Cook Serve Forever, the story-focused spin-off of the cooking and restaurant management series "Cook, Serve, Delicious!", was originally supposed to land into Steam Early Access on May 8th. Unfortunately, due to some sort of technical trouble, the Vertigo Gaming team have now been forced to postpone the big launch. Thankfully, it's not going to be a long delay as Cook Serve Forever will be launching a mere week later - on May 15th!

"Hey folks! David (aka chubigans) here, the Creative Lead on Cook Serve Forever/Cook Serve Delicious," reads the brief announcement. "We have been working extremely hard to get the game ready for launch on May 8th, however we ran into some severe technical issues a few days prior and have been working feverishly to fix it."

"Due to this we're going to miss our original planned release date by one week- we will now be launching the game May 15th. This was not an easy decision- we have been working tons and tons of hours since January's demo build to get ready for launch- and I'm so sorry to disappoint those that were ready to get cookin'. But the last thing we want to do is release a game that's not up to the standards that we've shown for the last ten years."

Once Cook Serve Forever finally lands into Early Access it'll bring with it ten to twelve hours of gameplay, or roughly 20-25% of the full game. This includes the tutorial, a variety of storylines and cutscenes, a dozen locations, and as you would expect from a cooking sim, a ton of recipes to mess up.

As far as the full version is concerned, the current plan is for Cook Serve Forever to spend around nine to ten months in Early Access. During this process the Vertigo Gaming team will be polishing up and expanding the campaign, as well as adding new game modes like local co-op and the mysterious "challenging new Cooking School mode".

What some of this looks like in action, as well as what style Cook Serve Forever is going for, that you can check out through the Early Access trailer below.

To learn more about Cook Serve Forever, as well as keep track of its upcoming launch, you should head on over to Steam. Enjoy, and I'll make sure to let you know once the whole thing goes live.

Cooking and restaurant management sim Cook Serve Forever screenshot of a hot dog preparation mini-game

Cooking and restaurant management sim Cook Serve Forever screenshot of a touching dialogue with Nori

Cook Serve Forever screenshot of the antagonist Rhubarb