Stardew Valley screenshot of a well-maintained farm

Stardew Valley has finally received it's long-awaited multiplayer mode a little while ago, which usually would be the end of the story for an already well-maintained and incredibly polished indie game. According to the latest developer blog post, however, it would appear that not only is Stardew Valley getting more content in the future, but it will be getting more content at a seemingly faster rate as well!

"Now, I believe I’ve said in the past that I wanted to devote all my time to the new game, and I might not work on any new Stardew Valley content. Well, that’s not exactly true," reads the lengthy blog post. "While there have been times in the past where I felt burnt out, and maybe even said that I wanted to move on, I always find myself coming back to Stardew Valley."

"The difficult thing is that I want to work on both… I want to keep working on Stardew Valley and I also want to work on my new game. But I don’t have enough time to accomplish my goals with both things simultaneously. For a while, I considered being finished with Stardew Valley altogether. But that would make me (and many others) sad. So I’ve decided that I’m going to form a team to help me work on future Stardew Valley content. The update I’m working on right now (1.4) will be another solo update, but after that I hope to have a team in place that I can work closely with on future content."

While the thought of getting even more free content for Stardew Valley excites me greatly, I do hope that Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) and his upcoming team will start thinking about expansions as well. There is a lot of mechanics and gameplay ideas that still need to be fleshed out, and I certainly wouldn't complain about the town getting expanded with even more people to annoy with endless questions, or new activities to mess around with.

But whatever the future might bring, once more details become available I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I would recommend you head on over to the official website to read a little bit more about Stardew Valley's future, as well as Eric Barone's plans for his next game.