Salt and Sacrifice artwork for the Souls-like action RPG

Salt and Sacrifice, sequel to the flawed yet highly enjoyable 2D Souls-like RPG Salt and Sanctuary, has now been unleashed onto PC and PlayStation. Much like its predecessor it brings with it a large world filled with treasure and secrets, an assortment of tricky enemies that will happily smash you into the dirt if you don't pay attention, as well as a variety of different gear and upgrades to help keep things interesting.

What all of this looks like in actual gameplay, as well as what the story is even all about, that you can get a glimpse at through the freshly posted launch trailer. Have a gander:

I haven't played it myself just yet, but judging by the reviews it seems that Salt and Sacrifice is once again a fun yet flawed experience. Thankfully the price tag reflects that, so if you're in the mood for a Souls-like Metroidvania and don't mind powering through some of the more annoying sections, Salt and Sacrifice is probably worth a closer look.

You can check it out, as well as keep an eye on any developer updates, over at the official website. Enjoy!