Solstice is a mystery thriller visual novel with some beautiful art

Solstice is a mystery thriller that asks you a rather difficult question: if stuck in a dystopian world, would you prefer to stay silent and safe, or take the hard road to freedom?

Its being made by MoaCube, the developers behind the well written and quite endearing Cinders, and since the release date for Solstice is only two days off I would like to bring it to your attention, starting with the trailer:


Whereas Cinders was a mature take on a classic fairytale, Solstice is a completely original story set in a magnificent and seemingly perfect city that's cut-off from the outside world by endless raging blizzards, yet always safe from their icy talons.

You play as two characters, one an ambitious doctor on a quest to perfect his trade, and the other a mysterious young woman who arrived with the last dog sled caravan. Such bizarre figures would raise a few eyebrows in most other places, but the inhabitants of the city are a ragtag bunch of misfits that come from all corners of the globe and either don't want to, or are simply unable to leave the city walls.

Solstice has two rather unique main characters

These two will accompany you throughout your journey in Solstice

The facade of an idyllic city rapidly starts breaking down when the the local madman, which is apparently a thing, goes missing thus prompting our two mysterious protagonists to question the very nature of the city's splendor.

What follows next is a journey through some beautifully drawn scenes and a series of conversations with the locals, all of which have their own reasons for being in this frozen hell. Its going to be up to you, and the choices you make throughout Solstice, to define how the story will progress, and what sort of a path the two protagonists will take. Naturally, you won't be able to experience everything in a single playthrough, so if you plan on grabbing Solstice make sure to brew some coffee as you'll "need" to play through it multiple times in order to get the full picture.

Solstice is coming on March 23rd, and if you're a fan of narrative driven games, but don't mind the lack of standard gameplay, then Solstice is well worth checking out.

Solstice is a gorgeous game