Slime-san official promo artwork

Slime-san is a rather unique looking fast-paced platformer starring a sentient blob of goo trying to escape from a giant worm's stomach. While the setting might be utterly bizarre, Slime-san brings with it some genuinely interesting mechanics. Since our lovely hero is a slime he's able to crawl through cracks in walls, but also use his own goop in order to speed up or slow down, which should go a long way towards making some of the more precise maneuvers actually manageable.

If you're wondering what this sort of madness looks like in gameplay terms you'll find the main trailer down below. I would recommend turning up the sound slightly because the chiptune music is surprisingly catchy! Anyway, have a look:

In total Slime-San has 100 standard levels made out of 400 rooms, but apparently the new game+ also has a 100 levels of its own. Whether these levels are completely unique or simply a slight rework of the existing ones, that I don't know, but it certainly sounds like more than enough content for one platformer. Besides new game+ Slime-san also has a variety of cosmetic effects, upgrades, and mini-games you can unlock by collecting half-eaten apples... because why not!

If this sounds like something you might enjoy you can find out more about Slime-san on either Steam or the official website. As for the release date, you can expect to see Slime-san on PC this April 7th, and consoles at some point in the near future. And finally, here's a couple of rather... interesting images:

Slime-san screenshot featuring a lot of jumping

Slime-san screenshot of your companions

Slime-san screenshot of a town within a worm

Slime-san screenshot of the in-game store