Slay the Princess official key art for the indie horror-adventure

[Update]: Slay the Princess has now arrived, and I'm pleased to say it's looking quite good!

Following in the footsteps of something like The Stanley Parable, Slay the Princess is an upcoming horror-adventure where you simply have to slay the princess in order to save the world. What follows next is a series of increasingly bizarre events, time loops and branching paths that greatly affect how the whole story unfolds... as well as how long you get to live!

Since there is no easy way to describe all of this through words alone, allow me to share with you the teaser trailer. It probably won't make you any less confused, but it'll at least give you a good impression of the sort of atmosphere Slay the Princess is going for. Have a little peek:

If this particular brand of madness seems like something you'd like to sink your teeth into, you'll be interested to hear that Slay the Princess has a free demo available on Steam. While it obviously won't answer all of your questions, it's a good bit of fun and it does set up an interesting storyline, so I'd definitely give it a look if your curiosity is piqued.

As for the release date, nothing has been announced just yet, but you can expect Slay the Princess to arrive onto PC at some point in 2023. Once we get some actual information, I'll make sure to let you know.

Until then, have fun with the demo!

Slay the Princess horror adventure screenshot of her threatening the player

Slay the Princess horror adventure screenshot of the princess in her monster form