screenshot of a bossfight from Slain: Back from Hell

Slain is a heavy metal inspired action-platformer that released back in March, but even though the art style and premise were beyond amazing, the game itself was flawed on nearly every front. The difficulty curve was lopsided, controls weren't as tight as you would except from a hack & slash, and the AI was easily exploitable which led to some rather repetitive gameplay.

While that would usually be the end of the story, the developers have instead decided to spend a couple of months reworking Slain from the ground up, as well as adding new features and bosses to play around with. The end result of all this hard work is Slain: Back from Hell, and if the recent reviews are to be believed, the rework has been a massive success! Here's the trailer to give you an idea of what the new Slain is all about:


If you're looking for a detailed look on what exactly changed I would recommend you head over to the official patch notes, but for now, here's the short version:

The difficulty curve has been completely re-done

Enemy AI has been updated in order to ensure a variety of tactics is needed throughout the game

Four new common enemies and 3 new bosses have been added

Hit detection and character movement have been smoothed out and should no longer constantly feel "off"

Animations, especially those related to fatalities and hits, have been greatly improved

Almost all of the gameplay sound has been improved, but the soundtrack itself is still as kick-ass as ever

All of the dialogue has been rewritten to provide a more compelling and understandable story

There are now new game modes, along with some super secret rewards for beating them

If you already own a copy of Slain you can download the Back to Hell update for free, and best of all, get an additional copy to give to your friend as well. For everyone else, however, if you would like to give the new and improved Slain a try, its currently available on Steam or €13.

Slain: Back from Hell screenshot featuring a boss