Indivisible screenshot of a rather nicely drawn temple

Indivisible is an upcoming RPG/platformer hybrid from Lab Zero Games, the studio behind the rather excellent Skullgirls. As you might imagine from that brief description alone, Indivisible will send you on a world-spanning adventure filled with companions to meet, abilities to master, and enemies to pound into the dirt. That last part is perhaps the most important since Lab Zero Games announced that they will be taking all they've learned from Skullgirls to create a combat system with a great amount of depth and a variety.

If you're wondering how all of that might translate into gameplay, as well as what Indivisible's visuals are like, you'll find the recently posted E3 trailer right below. Have a look, it's a fairly short but sweet video:

For those of you that prefer the hands-on approach, you might also be interested to hear that Indivisble has a free alpha demo available. Simply head on over to Steam or your console store, and you'll be able to try out just what Lab Zero Games has cooked up. It's a fairly brief demo, but from what I've tried out so far it's actually quite an enjoyable one!

Indivisible will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in the Fall of 2018. Once more information gets released I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you should head on over to the official website to learn more.