Savage: Road to Darkness screenshot from the trailer

Savage: Road to Darkness is a newly announced action-adventure with a very simple premise. You are an extremely pissed off lizard, apparently spawned out of pure hatred, and your goal is to unleash your unbridled wrath upon everything and anything that stands before you. Along the way you will need to swim, climb, explore, and puzzle your way across a variety of landscape - more or less everything you've come to expect from the action-adventure genre.

You can check out what Savage: Road to Darkness looks like via the recently posted trailer right below, but do keep in mind that all of this is early footage. The reason I'm saying this is because the gameplay appears to have some framerate issues, so even though the artstyle is great, the actual presentation is a bit choppy. Thankfully the framerate is definitely the easier of the two to fix, so expect to see these problems gone in the future. But enough babbling from me, here's the announcement video:

Besides the framerate there is one more unfortunate problem with Savage: Road to Darkness, and that is its name. There already exists a series by the name of Savage, and with Savage: Resurrection only recently released I highly doubt S2 Games will take kindly to someone else being so similar in name. In other words, I wouldn't get attached to the name Savage: Road to Darkness as its probably going to get changed as soon as S2 notices.

There isn't much information available right now, but if you would like to learn more about Savage, its developers and their inspirations, you will find what you seek on the official website. As for the release date, I'm afraid there isn't any, but the website states its "coming very soon" so expect an announcement in the near future. [Edit]: It turns out the "coming very soon" line was referring to the Kickstarter campaign which you can find here. And as a final note, here's a couple of screencaps from the trailer:

Savage: Road to Darkness screenshot of the character climbing

Savage: Road to Darkness screenshot of piggies

Savage: Road to Darkness screenshot of the main character beating up enemies