Satisfactory game screenshot of a cute lizard from the trailer

[Update]: Satisfactory is heading over to Steam on June 8, 2020.

Coffee Stain Studios, the developers behind Sanctum and the more famous Goat Simulator, have now come out to announce a brand new game. The actual details are still a complete mystery, but what I can tell you is that the game's name is Satisfactory (with the focus being on the 'factory' part of the title) and that it has rather lovely visuals.

If you would like to give it a look for yourself and see if I've somehow managed to miss something in the incredibly brief teaser trailer, you'll find the video right below. It's not very long so I'd definitely recommend checking it out, if for no other reason than the adorable lizard-dog it features prominently:

Given the name and logo I can only image this is going to be some sort of survival/building game set on an alien planet. Another factor pointing in this direction is the presence of the dog-like lizard which seems like the perfect kind of animal to keep around as a pet. All of this is pure speculation at this point, however, so until the developers release more information I'd recommend not getting attached to any ideas.

Speaking of which, there will be a closed alpha in May, so if you would like to give Satisfactory a try make sure to head on over to the official website. Coffee Stain Studios have also said that they are willing to delay the alpha for as long as necessary in order to release something enjoyable, so don't be surprised if the current May launch date ends up falling through.

If more information comes in I'll make sure to cover it, but until then I'm afraid all we can do is sit and wait.