Samorost 3 is coming to Steam on March 24th

Amanita Designs, the folks behind the masterfully done point&click adventures Botanicula and Machinarium have announced that their latest game, Samorost 3, will be coming to Steam in March.

Samorost 3 is a loose continuation of two small web games, Samorost 1 (which is free) and Samorost 2 (which is currently €5/$5 on Steam), as well as the developers most ambitious project yet given that it took over 5 years to complete. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:


The story in Samorost 3 centers around a little space gnome that has managed to get his hands on a strange magical flute that fell from the sky. Luckily for him the flute's mystical abilities extend to shipbuilding and together they will pilot a spaceship to various planets and moons in an attempt to uncover their mysteries and figure out where exactly the flute came from.

In total you will be able to explore 5 different planets along with 4 moons, each of which will have their own secrets to uncover, puzzles to brainstorm and stories to tell.

Samorost 3 termite nest

Space termites!

Samorost 3 is set to arrive on Steam for Windows & Mac on March 24th.

If you're a fan of point&clicks you really should keep an eye on Samorost 3 because both Machinarium and Botanicula had gorgeous visuals, an interesting but simple story and some challenging puzzles so if Samorost 3 is the developer's biggest and most ambitious project yet then its likely to be out of this world, quite literally.

Samorost 3 planet screenshot

If there are space termites then why not space donuts, though I don't think you'd want to eat this one