Dungeons of Aether official artwork and logo

[Update]: Dungeons of Aether has now been delayed until February 28th, 2023.

Set in the same universe as Rivals of Aether, the upcoming Dungeons of Aether is a roguelite dungeon crawler that will follow the stories of four heroes, each with their own unique skills, playstlyes and personalities. Most interestingly, despite the combat being turn-based and centered around dice rolls, it doesn't look like luck will be much of a factor.

The reason I say this is because Dungeons of Aether will use a dice drafting system. So regardless of the pool of dice you have available you'll always be able to pull off some sort of strategy. This does also apply to your opponents as well, so I'm quite curious to see how Dungeons of Aether will balance everything out.

You can get a little sneak peek at this system in action, as well as the story behind Dungeons of Aether, through the most recent trailer. Have a gander:

It's also worth mentioning that Dungeons of Aether will be aiming to make things interesting for both casual players and those seeking a challenge. As such, the roguelite story mode will let you buy upgrades and carefully prepare for the upcoming battles, interact with NPCs, as well as explore the world at your leisure.

However, in the randomized challenge dungeons things are going to be far trickier. You'll not only have to contend with unique rules and starting equipment for each dungeon you enter, but you'll also have to go through all of the biomes in the game in a single run. And if you're feeling extra competitive, there's also going to be a leaderboard to show off how much gold you've managed to scrounge up by the end of the dungeon.

Dungeons of Aether will be heading over to PC via Steam on October 25th, 2022. Once it arrives, I'll make sure to let you know.

Until then, you can learn more about Dungeons of Aether, its world and characters over at the official website. Enjoy!

Dungeons of Aether screenshot of the shark character

Dungeons of Aether screenshot of the world map

Dungeons of Aether screenshot of a very beefy armadillo