Nightmare Reaper official artwork and logo

After spending a couple of years in Steam Early Access, the roguelite 'boomer shooter' Nightmare Reaper has now been unleashed in full. As you might imagine from that brief description alone, Nightmare Reaper is all about using excessive violence to blast apart hordes upon hordes of enemies, scouring the levels for precious loot and secrets, and then marching onto further conquests armed with a variety of new weapons and enhancements.

Since words alone aren't exactly the best at describing frantic FPS games, allow me to also share with you the launch trailer. It should clue you in quite quickly on just what Nightmare Reaper is trying to do. Have a look:

If you're still not sure where exactly you stand with Nightmare Reaper, you'll be happy to hear that there's a free demo also available. It features pretty much all of the main gameplay elements, so if you're on the fence, definitely give it a look. It's pretty good fun.

You can do so, as well as check out some of the player reviews, over at Steam. Have fun blowing stuff up!

Nightmare Reaper screenshot of a strange office room with plants

Nightmare Reaper screenshot of a haunted office space

Nightmare Reaper screenshot of ghost enemies