Rising Islands screenshot of a snow covered area

Rising Islands is an upcoming adventure game that will task you with combining high-speed movement, jumping, wallruning, and straight-up flying through the air in order to complete a series of challenges. To make things even more... interesting for the players, there is also a shifting mechanic that lets you move between dimensions and bypass obstacles that way.

The concept itself is fairly simple, but its a tricky one to describe adequately in words alone, so here's the recently posted gameplay trailer to give you a better idea of what Rising Islands is all about:


Besides all of the running around and falling into bottomless pits because you've mistimed your jump, Rising Islands also features a large world with plenty of incentives to explore its faraway locations. According to the Steam description, every nook and cranny of the world is filled with something unique and interesting to find, so exploration is definitely going to be a core part of gameplay.

What intrigues me the most, however, is the addition of numerous boss battles that will have you face off against "the evil force that has torn the world apart". Since your character has no offensive abilities and mostly relies on speed and acrobatics to get around, I'm rather interested to see how the developers will implement proper, challenging boss fights without making them either frustratingly difficult or completely pointless. An issue many other games in this genre have struggled with heavily.

Whatever the answer is, we'll find out soon enough as Rising Islands is set to release tomorrow, August 2nd, on Steam. As for the price, I'm afraid that its currently unknown, though I would expect it to be in line with other such indie games on Steam.

Rising Islands screenshot of a map