Rimworld screenshot of a colony under a mechanoid attack

[Update]: RimWorld's Update 1.1 is bringing in even more bug fixes, improvements and fancy toys to play around with.

While the vanilla version of RimWorld is really fun to mess around with, it is the mods that provide some of the much-needed longevity and challenge after you've already mastered the basic mechanics. I mean, if you can't make a cybernetic attack wolf that's hocked up on so many drugs it moves faster than a train, then what's the point of even playing RimWorld?

However, while going completely over-the-top with mods can create some truly enjoyable gameplay, it can also result in some ridiculously long load times. The longest I've seen personally was around 10 minutes while I was experimenting with dozens of new factions, but even that pales in comparison to some of the setups I've seen online.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that RimWorld's latest update has now finally optimized game loading, especially when it comes to save files with tons of mods installed. My latest save file has gone from taking ~5 minutes to 30 seconds to fully load, while some of the players online are reporting even bigger improvements. It might be a small update in the grand scheme of things, but its impact really does appear to be massive!

So if you ever wanted to go crazy with mods, but didn't feel like wasting 15 hours slowly debugging all of them, this would be a pretty good patch to do so. You don't even need to start a new save file as the update is fully compatible, so do make sure to check out the Steam Workshop and see if there's anything that piques your interest.

Have fun!