RimWorld artwork and logo for the Royalty expansion

[Update #2]: RimWorld is getting the massive free Update 1.3 and Ideology expansion in July 2021.

[Update]: RimWorld's new Update 1.2 has added difficulty customization and a bunch of new content.

RimWorld's very first expansion Royalty released a little while ago alongside Update 1.1. The two of them brought in royalty as a new social class, powerful psychic powers, a variety of new animals and quests, a new mechanoid type and mechanoid hives, as well as even more items to toy around with.

The influx of new content won't be ending there, however, as RimWorld developers have now come out to announce their plans for the future. In the short term you can expect a variety of bug fixes and improvements based on player feedback, while in the long-term the Royalty DLC will be expanded with a with a bunch of new features. Here's a brief list highlighting what the developers are currently working on:

A way to renounce or otherwise get rid of a royal title you don’t want.

 More bulk production recipes similar to cooking, for things like drugs.

 Additional combat psycasts: I’ve got designs written for a few psycasts that seem like they could add a lot of interest. Testing will reveal how beneficial these actually are.

 A new element or two for mech clusters. Specifically, I’m looking at ways to to make it sometimes optimal for players to *not* fight a mech cluster for a long period of time, and instead leave it sleeping. The dramatic tension of having a mech cluster present on the map, but not yet fighting it, seems valuable. So, if we can find more ways to have players intentionally keep clusters around it could add a lot of interest to play stories. This needs gameplay testing, of course.

 Additional quest content: This one is definitely in the ‘maybe’ category, but quests are very expandable and it would be nice to have a few more variations.

RimWorld Royalty DLC screenshot of a Mechanoid Hive before an attack

"We’ll be running public tests of this stuff as we work on it, on Steam’s ‘unstable’ development branch", continues the developer update. "Everyone is welcome to participate and feedback will be highly appreciated as always, but be aware that this branch is called ‘unstable’ for a reason and everything may break at any moment."

"We will be updating the game further after the content add-on. While the content add-on will stay on version 1.1 and generally not break mods, there will a version 1.2 some day, and it will have more breaking changes. We’re going to try hard to avoid unnecessary code breakages and keep documents about changes for all future updates, and without such a big Unity update I hope mods in general will be easier or trivially easy to update than the 1.0 -> 1.1 shift."

When exactly these updates will arrive, the developers haven't revealed just yet. So once more information becomes available, most likely in the form of the new update for the Royalty DLC, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun pampering your nobles!