Receiver 2 screenshot of the handgun from up close

[Update]: Receiver 2 has now arrived, and unsurprisingly, it's a more polished and content-rich version of the original.

The original Receiver was a simple but rather intriguing little game. Rather than focus on all-out action and bombastic setpieces, Receiver tried to realistically simulate most aspects of handling a handgun, and for a game created in a mere seven days, it did a pretty good job of it!

However, while that may be impressive, it's also Receiver's biggest downfall. Basically, the moment you start to develop an understanding for your weapon, you're pretty much done as there just isn't enough new content to keep you engaged. This is where Receiver 2 comes into play.

Receiver 2 is aiming to not only be far more realistic than the original, to the point where the developers are looking to simulate every single moving part, but it will also feature a lot more content to play around with. What exactly this content might be, that still remains to be seen, but you can get a bit of a sneak peek at some of it through one of the original trailers. Have a look:

There is one more bit of good news, and that is the simple fact that Receiver 2 will be releasing in the very near future - this April 14th! So if you're eager to learn more, or if you simply want to grab it the moment it goes live, you should head on over to Steam.