Project Zomboid Build 42 update massive world expansion concept art

[Update #2]: Project Zomboid devs have now outlined everything they're hoping to add with Update 42.

[Update]: Project Zomboid's Update 42 will add basements and significantly expand the map vertically.

Even in its current unfinished state, the map in Project Zomboid is absolutely massive. Nowhere is this more apparent than if you simply try to zoom out as your character very quickly transforms into an insignificant and nearly invisible spec somewhere in the Kentucky wilderness.

Things are only going to get more absurd in the future as the Project Zomboid team has announced they're planning another massive world expansion for Build 42! The exact details are currently still few and far between, but as you can see on the image above, they're aiming to extend the world in every direction except beyond the Ohio river boundary.

The only actual bit of information I can give you is that one of the new locations will be Ekron, while the community-dubbed Ekron on the current map will be officially labeled as Fallas Lake. Here's a couple of teaser images showcasing the new areas:

Project Zomboid Build 42 update expanded world map auditorium screenshot

Project Zomboid Build 42 update expanded world map screenshot of burnt down houses

Project Zomboid Build 42 update expanded world map screenshot of a new church

Besides the map expansion, the Project Zomboid team has also announced that they're working on rats alongside domestic animals, expanding the variety of TV and radio channels, as well as adding unique sprinter growls and screams. That last part is particularly exciting if you enjoy challenge runs since one of the biggest dangers with sprinters is not fighting them directly, but rather having them silently ambush you while you're trying to stuff an entire pack of butter into your mouth.

Once all of this arrives, or the Build 42 update gets an actual release date, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun dying over and over again!