Heaven's Hope is an upcoming 2.5D point & click adventure

Despite trying to enjoy playing point & click adventure games for the better part of my life I could never get in to them, the combination of moon-logic and difficult puzzles proving too much for my FPS-addled mind. Ironically, I still enjoy them as a concept and like to keep up with interesting upcoming ones.

One such game is Heaven's Hope, a 2.5D point & click adventure game where you play as an Angel who has fallen down from Heaven and now needs to find his way back while avoiding the clutches of the maniacal inquisition. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:


Even though the subject matter seems quite serious on the onset, Heaven's Hope is a very silly game with your character Talorel being a bold yet clumsy member of Heaven's stunt flying Academy. Don't take that as a complaint from me though, a good bit of humor can go a long way towards making a story more compelling.

Transitioning between the heavenly and mortal plane is a simply thing for an angel to do, or it would be if Talorel didn't lose his halo, wings and dignity on his tumble downwards. Luckily two of his friends saw his plight and offered to help in any way they can, as long as it involves a lot of jokes an taunts at Talorel's expense, of course.

But not everything is nice and cheery as the small town of Heaven's Hope is currently under the tyrannical and opressive rule of the Inquisition, a lovely bunch of folks who would absolutely adore it if a stranger waltzed in to town proclaiming he's an Angel.

Heaven's Hope features some lovely hand drawn art

The only mental image I get when I look at his face is him saying "Yep, that's a boat"

And this is where your story begins. Through a combination of chatting with the townsfolk, exploring some lovely hand-drawn locations and solving some good ol' fashioned puzzles you will need to save the people of Heaven's Hope from their oppressor and reclaim your wings along the way so that you can ascend back in to Heaven before the graduation ceremony begins.

Heaven's Hope will be releasing on Steam this February 25th and if you're in to point & click adventure games I'd give it a look as it genuinely seems like a lot of love and care has gone in to it.